Online Education :Pros  and Cons

The whole Education scenario  has changes with the changing times. And with the Pandemic situation the whole world had cone to a stand still .  Suddenly school ,colleges, education institutes ,everything was shut down . Only place to go was Online (Online Education )

It was a complete stand still for the students and the teachers . here is where Online Education cane into picture .

In India  most of us are not very familiar with the online education system . It called for a complete transformation for the teachers and the students. Overnight the teachers had to learn to be able to take digital classes . Kids who are  told their whole life to stay away from the phones and screens  were suddenly handed over phones and laptops .

Complete Game Changer For The Online Courses Market . it came along with some Proes and cons tough .

So lets see What are the Pros And Cons Of Online Education :

Pros : Meaning the Advantages Of the Online education 


One of the main advantages of online education is that classes are available anywhere there is a computer and an Internet connection. This perk is especially important for individuals living in remote or rural areas who can’t relocate and don’t want to commute to school.


Very important for online education. Here’s one has got to be one of my favorite things about online classes. When someone asks a question in a forum or sends me an email, I don’t need to reply instantly. I can spend 10 minutes thinking about my response and editing my paragraph before pressing ‘send’. The amazing thing about this is that students (and teachers) can contribute to conversations in an informed, thoughtful way. It creates a professional and – importantly – relaxed environment where interactions and communications tend to involve thoughtful commentary, not endless nonsense from the noisiest guy in the class. It also helps to allay any anxiety about being ‘put on the spot’ in class.


If you’ve read any other posts on the pros of online learning, you’ll probably have read that you can save a lot of transit and wait time when you study online. Yes, that’s true.

You don’t have to drive to campus, search for a parking spot, pay for the parking spot, walk to class, wait for the professor to arrive, and so on.


Depending on the students caliber and grasping power the student can learn at his own pace. according to his suitable speed. Udemy provides some excellent courses .

So these are some of the important Pros of online education. but along with this comes some disadvantages also :


STRESSES:  Kids are stresses to the core .Kids who are always  told to stay away from screens. Suddenly kids are put in front of the screens for 4-5 hours a day. There are lot of stress relief yoga  available for kids on youtube  . 

kids yoga – YouTube

Storyhive also gives good videos for kids and parents . so go ahead and do it with your kids .


Self control and discipline is hampered . Kids are not following the rules and timings of getting up ,getting ready for school .

They just get up and sit in front of the computer .  They turn off the video and audio of the session  and do what ever they want.

ODD STUDYING HOURS :  Any time kids want to study. Late night study is difficult to keep a trac of what they are doing .


They sit with the phone for the whole day . Cant track if they are studying or playing online games. Whenever we ask them they say that they are studying. This is the difficulty each and every parent is facing.


We all are missing friends and colleges with whom we are use to being with . Kids are missing interaction with their friends and classmates .

SO even after the various Pros and Cons we have to live with the current situation .



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